Masimo spo2 sensor pediatric soft tip








Masimo spo2 sensor pediatric soft tip spo2 probe heal force 5-pin

Item Number: CSL056E

Connector: 5 Pin

Spo2 Cable Length: 1m or 3m

Masimo spo2 sensor pediatric soft tip spo2 probe AMP 14P

Item Number: CSL028E

Connector: AMP 14P

Spo2 Cable Length: 1m or 3m

Compatibility model: GE:PRO1000,V300 INVIVO:T8 ,Schiller ,ZOLL,Masimo Datascope:Trio,Passport 2,Spectrum  


  • Reusable compatible Masimo spo2 sensor probe.
  • Competitive price, great performance ratio
  • Easy to be cleaned and repaired
  • Fast responses and accurate measurement
  • Latex free


  • One year


  • All our Masimo spo2 sensors are CE certificated and compliant with ISO9001:2008 and ISO13458:2012.

About Us:

  • We are professional manufacturer and supplier of disposable Spo2 sensor, reusable Spo2 sensor, Spo2 extension cable, patient monitor cable and lead wires, ECG/EKG cable and electrodes, Temperature probe, NIBP cuff and extension hose,IBP cable and disposable transducer etc. We have more than ten years’ experience in this field, owing state-of-the-art production equipment, OEM/ ODM is welcome.


  • We accept Payment of Bank transfer, Paypal and Credit card. Usually 30% in advance, 70% balance before delivery.


  • Usually we send goods by express, DHL, Fedex, and UPS etc. if you clients ask for air-shipment , China post or HK post etc, we also can deal with them.

Return Policy:

  • If clients found defective goods, please tell us at once, we will arrange to send new and good items. we will pay the shipping cost ourselves.

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